Constitutional Counties United is a group of volunteers that bring you events with Speakers such as Pastor Greg Locke who is on FIRE, Sheriff Mark Lamb  who is the kind of Constitutional Sheriff we are looking for to stand with the people, honoring his Oath to protect our God given Rights and Instituting a "Citizen Posse".  If you have a Constitutional Sheriff you are going to want to form an Assembly of the People in YOUR County to support your Sheriff in maintaining Law and Order in this time of Chaos!

Have you been asking yourself what YOU Can Do
in Americas most Critical Hour?

You have come to the right place!  Those who know what time it is are busy re-establishing and asserting power they never gave up when they formed the Federal, State and Local governments.  240+ years is a long time to game the system.  The Founders thought it would come crashing down due to it's own weight MUCH sooner than this due to the laziness of its People and the unrelenting ambition of an unscrupulous few to enrich themselves at the expense of a Nation and its people.   

A Reckoning is coming and a Restoration is in order.  Will you be part of the Reckoning or part of the Restoration.  Will you be part of the Chaos or part of the Solution to Restore Law an Order?  The Declaration of Independence states that governments derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed and that governments are instituted among men to protect the Rights of the People and goes on to state not once but twice that "Whenever governments become destructive to those ends IT IS THE RIGHT AND THE DUTY OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER OR ABOLISH THAT GOVERNMENT.  That time has come.  

Constitutional Counties United following the doctrine of the Lowest Magistrate is working to form County Assemblies similar to those formed at it's founding to Lawfully and in and Orderly manner ALTER the current Corrupt and Unconstitutional even LAWLESS governments across our Country to one that will protect our Liberty and Promote Domestic Tranquility.  The time is NOW.  You are the Leader you were hoping for.  Get busy.  Download your "Constitutional County in-a-box today and learn how at:

Latest News

CCU Will bring you the latest happenings and Victories that we can all learn from:

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 

Letter from Ignatius Piazza
President of Front Sight

Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media

Veritas Medical's 
Covid-19 Post Analysis: 

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
- October 8, 2020
My gut tells me Donald Trump is going to ride a BIG RED WAVE to a landslide victory in the November election. My gut is usually right. In fact, the only time I ever get myself into trouble is when I let other people talk me out of what my gut is telling me.
Why does my gut tell me Trump is going to win BIG in November? It is not just a visceral or an emotional idea.
AIER Staff 
  – September 20, 2020
The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation. 
So far it has been signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens.

Dr. Ben Edwards
- September 5, 2020
Dr. Ben Edwards presents not just a compelling case but an unassailable presentation of the facts and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that as of September 5th - THERE IS NO EMERGENCY!

Conference Events and Summits

CCU has been traveling across America to put on Events to educate The People and Constitutional Sheriffs:

Constitutional County & Sheriff Summit:

Breaking The Chains of Tyranny

08/15/20 The House Church Snohomish, WA

Free America Now Event 
09/16/20 Church of Glad Tidings Yuba City, CA

Coming Soon: Nye County Showdown

Sheriff Mack speaks words of wisdom to kick off the conference, and then introduces a Glenn Beck video:

Pastor Ken Locke urges America to do what we all must to preserve our Republic - OPEN YOUR CHURCH NOW!

Things are heating up in the County of Nye!
Sheriff Richard Mack tells his story of running for Sheriff, dealing with BATF agents regarding the "Brady Bill", and suing the Clinton administration.
He lived. :) 
Sheriff Mack is a true patriot and inspiration to all patriotic Americans. 
Sheriff Mark Lamb stands for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and supports the residents of his county!

Nye County Event Speaker
Things are heating up in the County of Nye!
John Moselage is a patriotic activist dedicated to restoring our Constitutional Republic starting at the County level. He is the host of the Resolve Radio podcast, and has started initiatives such as The Jefferson Fund and The Sacred Honor Society to support and honor those who are taking a stand and speaking the Truth into the chaos.
Dr. Tenpenny shares the truth about COVID.  She has 40,000 hours dedicated to understanding vaccinations.

Nye County Event Speaker
Things are heating up in the County of Nye!
Bob the Barber is a 79 year old Marine living in Snohomish, WA. Bob was told by a tyrannical governor and the enforcers of that governors unconstitutional and totalitarian mandates that he MUST close his shop and await their permission to reopen, in flagrant violation of his Constitutionally protected rights.
Dr. Simone Gold M.D. is a board certified emergency physician who has successfully treated many patients with Hydroxycloriquine  

Nye County Event Speaker
Things are heating up in the County of Nye!
A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram travels the nation speaking on critical issues.
Dr. Judy Mikovits wrote a best selling book a plaque of corruption.  Fired, Jailed for no cause.  Dr. Fauci vowed to destroy her life and he did.

Nye County Event Speaker
Things are heating up in the County of Nye!
Peggy Hall is a Brilliant Can-Do Activist for Freedom in a time when we desperately need someone like her who will always find a way and show the rest of us how to do it!

next upcoming video
Another Amazing Speaker

Nye County Event Speaker
Things are heating up in the County of Nye!

Restoration Minded Organizations!

Here's some of the groups that are working with Constitutional Counties United to Restore Our Constitutional Republic:
"The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association brings together the people with their peace officers, educating all in an effort to restore America peacefully for our posterity."
"The modern day tribute
to Thomas Paine's original." Clyde Cleveland has other books and resources including "Restoring the Heart of America - A Return of Government By the People" and other helpful resources.

The Jefferson Fund was started when Constitutionally minded Law Enforcement came under attack by the corrupt forces within government and media to allow the People and Constitutional Law Enforcement to Link Arms and pledge to support one another and weather the storm that is coming.
Publish a List of Grievances as the first step to redress your government.
Honoring Those Who Speak the Truth into Chaos and Take the Hits for it!
Realize WHY the 1st & 2nd Amendment are not just your Rights but also your Responsibility!  Stand on the Shoulders of Giants by listening to our interview guests and then Dive Deep - Take the Constitution Alive Class Taught by Americas Constitutional Coach Rick Green!
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